Excursions in Tasiilaq & Kulusik

Arctic Wonderland Tours 

Greenlands most experienced tour operator, Arctic Wonderland Tours, began life as a modest 5 room guesthouse (Hotel Angmagssalik) in late 1973. With its 30th season in 2004, the company now operates hotels Angmagssalik &Kulusuk (total 75 rooms), travel agency, public bar, airport shop, licensed passenger boats and excursion services. Our guests are a broad mix of ages and nationalities, both groups and individuals for whom we are dedicated to providing the best standards of comfort, safety and tour activity. For the idealGreenland visit we recommend a combined stay at Hotel Kulusuk - close to a traditional hunting village, and Hotel Angmagssalik - with its magnificent view of picturesque Tasiilaq town.


2013 Tour Program: June - September from Tasiilaq

Iceberg boat cruise

An impressive sailing trip into the Pack-ice. The ice is tough sea-ice deriving from countless winters in the Polar Ocean and often 10 meters or more thick. The ice from the Polar Ocean flows mainly outwards between Spitsbergen and East Greenland. Amongst the Pack-ice are enormous icebergs, pieces of inland ice often criss-crossed by blue and green stripes where melt water from the glaciers has run into crevasses in the many thousand year-old ice. A "must" for photographers! Duration: about 2 hours 
Price: DKK 445


Ikateq village by boat

Sailing southwards we arrive at the entrance of the vast, often ice-filled Sermilik fjord (3 glaciers disgorge bergs into the head of this fjord) and a typical Greenland village. Remains of earlier simple stone and turf houses stand beside the colourful small wooden dwelling, and a tiny, charming church, which is also the schoolhouse. One arrives here in the summer by boat, and in winter, overland by dogsled! The sailing route may give the bonus of a whale sighting. Duration: about 5 hours. Basic meal on board. 
Price: DKK 695


Mittivakkat Glacier by helicopter

This sightseeing flight takes us up over Ammassalik Island with views across mountains, glaciers and fjords and lands us at over 1000 meters altitude on Mitivagkat Glaciers, an original part and the ancient Greenland Ice Cap. A stunning view all around, with the Sermilik fjord below us and the mainland opposite. The purity of the arctic air greatly increases visibility such that we can see in excess of 200 kilometers along the coast. 25 min stop to take photos and enjoy the silence, before the return flight. Duration: 1 Hour 
Price: DKK 1595


Valley of flowers

This ramble takes visitors out of Ammassalik "town" into a luxuriant valley where one sees the arctic summer flora and landscape. The lakes and rivers coursing through this valley often have jumping char fish. We follow a rough track (in the early summer with snow pockets) but the terrain is not difficult. At a leisurely pace, we have time to examine the tiny but beautiful flowers of which there are a surprising variety. Duration: 1-2 Hours 
Price: DKK 175

Excursions not prebookable. It is not possible to prebook and pay any tours before arrival. All tours depend on weather and ice condition.


2013 Tour Program: June - September from Kulusuk

Kulusuk Village Walk

15-20 minutes walk from Hotel Kulusuk lies Greenlands most popular village, which despite being close to an airport, remains a settlement of fishers and hunters. There is a small harbour, shop, church, workshop for seal skins and carving. A glimpse of traditional Greenland. Duration: 2hours 
Price: DKK 195


Jeep Drive Tour 

Travelling by jeep, we drive up an 8 kilometer long road. The tour takes us to a previous US military radar station. From here we have a view towards the majestic coastal mountains to the ocean seeing ice floes and icebergs in the distance. A wonderful chance to have a panoramic view of our stunning landscape. Duration: 1 hour 30 minutes 

Price: DKK 345


Apusiaajik Glacier Boat Tour

Sailing past fascinating variety of floes and icebergs a cross the local fjord, the tour takes you close to our local glacier Apusiaajik ('Little' glacier) with our open 10 person open boat (Warm clothes recommended). We consider the boat tour a ”must do” because of the possibility to go near the glacier as safety permits. Duration: 1 hour 30 minutes 
Price: DKK 445

Excursions not prebookable. It is not possible to prebook and pay any tours before arrival. All tours depend on weather and ice condition.

Note: All prices listed above are subject to change. Tours can be paid by credit card directly at the hotel