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5天4夜之北方冬季之旅,从雷克雅未克 (Reykjavik)出发到冰岛乡村区,我们也设计乐独特的冰川漫步方式展开探索旅途。这超值的旅游配套,将让你在西南部,探索自然奇观和闻名的文化景观。行程含括在冰岛首都度过两晚后,再到冰岛南部 -冰岛最佳观看北极光的地点度过两晚!

Tour Code: GJ-24 (Mandarin-Chinese)
  • Tour Availability: Sat
  • Seasons: September to April
  • Duration: 5 days
  • Min. nr of Participants: 1

During the day we explore Southwest Iceland, known for its natural wonders and cultural sights. See glittering glaciers, snow-clad mountains, giant lava fields, steaming hot springs and beautiful waterfalls. Bathe in the mineral-rich geothermal waters of the Blue Lagoon, walk on a black lava beach, visit Icelandic horses on their farm, photograph idyllic turf houses and travel close to the famous Eyjafjallajökull volcano. This short getaway to Iceland offers insight into Iceland's nature and cultural life, with two nights in Iceland's capital and two nights in South Iceland, an ideal location for the search for the Northern Lights. Also called Aurora Borealis, they are visible in the northern sky from September through April when the sky is clear and free of clouds. During this tour, it is possible to book an optional glacier hike.

Highlights and Experiences:

  • Budget holiday offering excellent value for money
  • Must-see nature: the Golden Circle, the South Coast and the Blue Lagoon
  • Visit to Skógar folk museum with turf houses
  • 2-night stay in South Iceland, ideal for Northern Lights hunting
  • 2 evenings with a combination of lectures, presentations, film and guided searches for Aurora Borealis
  • Optional Northern Lights fjord cruise (day 1 and 4)
  • Optional glacier hike (day 3)
Tour Code: GJ-24 (Mandarin-Chinese)

欢迎来到冰岛 (50公里/31 英里)

从凯夫拉维克机场(Keflavik Airport) 搭乘机场快线到雷克雅未克市中心的Hotel Cabin 和Centerhotel Plaza,您将在这里度过第一晚 。我们也为您讲述如何探索冰岛首都的精彩行程。



早上9时将与导游汇合,导游带大家看看冰岛首都的亮点观光区。然后前往雷克雅内斯半岛的温泉、山脉、悬崖、灯塔和渔村。这天结束后,我们将抵达闻名的蓝湖,享受温暖又拥有丰富矿物质的露天泡温泉乐。同时,我们将在冰岛南部简易别墅留宿两晚。如果你要提升住宿配套,可选择在海德拉的Stracta Hotel 公寓客房。晚上,Árhús Cabins导游将带大家寻找北极光的踪影。


第三天: 星期四或星期六

今天,我们将往冰岛南部前进,直到埃雅拉法冰川(Eyjafjallajökull Glacier) 活火山附近。首先,我们将抵达高而狭窄的塞里雅兰瀑布(Seljalandsfoss),这一览无遗的景色美极了。过后,我们将参观当地民俗博物馆,馆里包括不同的农场类型、传统手工艺品、草坡建的房屋等。附近还有个令人赞叹的60米高瀑布-史克卡瀑布(Skógafoss Waterfall)。下午,我们将展开冰川漫步行(自由选项)。索尔黑马冰川(Sólheimajökull Glacier)是从米尔达斯冰川(Mýrdalsjökull Glacier)所延伸出来的分支直到平原地。一望无际的壮观冰川是由崎岖火山岩层所塑造的。这安全简易的冰川徒步之旅,将让你探索冰雕、冰川、冰盖的壮丽全景,真是令人叹为观止的索尔黑马冰川。旅途中不需任何经验,专业导游将为你讲解如何使用基本的冰川徒步设备。这独一无二的冰川徒步之旅将给你一个难忘的经验。这项活动耗时3小时,冰上漫步约90分钟,从停车场到冰川徒步点约30到40分钟(单程)。10岁以上的小孩才能参与,请准备好登山靴、保暖和防湿衣服。这冰川漫步行只能在旅行的第二天预定,此团团员将享有优惠价,每人只需14,000冰岛克朗(约120欧元),而不是官方价14,900冰岛克朗(价格可能有所调整)。请在第三天以冰岛克朗付款于冰川徒步之旅公司,只能付现款!

如果你没有选择冰川漫步之旅,您将前往维克村(Vik)附近的黑沙滩。黑色的熔岩海滩,高耸的悬崖和巨大的波浪的场面令人眼前一亮,这也是其中一个漂亮的拍照景点。过后,我们也安排了探索北极光的简报会。若晚上天空晴朗,您将有机会看到在夜晚天空里跳舞的北极光。海德拉的Árhús Cabins和Stracta Hotel底层是最佳的观赏地点。请做好保暖工作,因为你需要更多耐性和时间去守候北极光的出现。


冰岛马和尽金环之旅(210公里/130 英里)

早上,我们将去了解冰岛马其独特的品种和历史。过后,我们也会去参观当地著名的地热温室。在金环之旅的路线,我们将抵达盖锡爾喷泉地热区(Geysir Geothermal Field)。 你可以看到不同的喷泉和冒泡池,有些原始的间歇泉已处于休眠状态;其中有著名的史托克喷泉(Strokkur Geysir),每隔 5到10分钟就会喷发一次,场面非常壮观。接着,我们前往黄金瀑布(Gullfoss),一个分为上下双层的瀑布从34公尺处衔接着Hvítá河,尤其在夏季和冬季吸引不少游客观光,因为瀑布的水花和阳光相映而形成一道美丽的彩虹。回去雷克雅未克之前,我们先到世界文化遗产之一的辛格韦德利国家公园(Þingvellir National Park)参观 。当我们返回雷克雅未克时,我们将在Hotel Cabin或Centerhotel Plaza留宿。如果天气理想,您也可以预定一趟北极光夜间船游。


第五天: 星期六或星期日
回家(50公里/31 英里)



**驾驶行程:若没有机场快线接送,驾驶路程约为630公里(391英里),平均每天210公里(130英里)。您每天在公交车上需大约3小时,需要考量当天的交通路况和路程,因此驾驶路程也因当天路况而有所调动 。



Tour Code: GJ-24 (Mandarin-Chinese)
Winter 2018-2019 / Guided tours: Saturday to Wednesday / Maximum group size is 40 people
Code Date Availability Language ... Code Date Availability Language
GJ-24/1509 15.09.-19.09.2018 yes Mandarin GJ-24/2909 29.09.-03.10.2018 yes Mandarin
GJ-24/1310 13.10.-17.10.2018 yes Mandarin GJ-24/2710 27.10.-31.10.2018 yes Mandarin
GJ-24/1011 10.11.-14.11.2018 yes Mandarin GJ-24/2411 24.11.-28.11.2018 yes Mandarin
GJ-24/0812 08.12.-12.12.2018 yes Mandarin
GJ-24/0501 05.01.-09.01.2019 yes Mandarin GJ-24/1901 19.01.-23.01.2019 yes Mandarin
GJ-24/0202 02.02.-06.02.2019 yes Mandarin GJ-24/1602 16.02.-20.02.2019 yes Mandarin
GJ-24/0203 02.03.-06.03.2019 yes Mandarin GJ-24/1603 16.03.-20.03.2019 yes Mandarin
GJ-24/3004 30.03.-04.04.2019 yes Mandarin GJ-24/1304 13.04.-17.04.2019 yes Mandarin
  • Tours listed with "on request" are operated but have only 1-2 rooms available or unsold rooms had been returned to hotels.
  • If you like to have more time to explore Reykjavik, then we suggest adding additional nights in Iceland's capital.
  • Note that there is limited daylight, about 5-6 hours, from mid-November to end of January. For your information, the shortest daylight in Iceland is on the 21st of December, about 4 hours.

DEPARTURES: From September to April

TOUR START: Arrival in Iceland on Saturdays and guided bus tour start on Sundays at 09:00.

END OF TOUR: The guided tour ends on Tuesdays around 17:00 for the last overnight in Reykjavík. Departure from Iceland is on Wednesdays.

DURATION: 5 days / 4 nights

LANGUAGES: Mandarin - see dates and details above

ACCOMMODATION - Budget category: Hotel Cabin in Reykjavík and Árhús Cabins in Hella

Tour Code: GJ-24 (Mandarin-Chinese)


BUDGET CATEGORY: Hotel Cabin, Reykjavík + Árhús Cabins, Hella

September 2018 - April 2019

In twin and triple room In single room
EUR 860 EUR 1.020

CHILDREN DISCOUNT: 25 % discount for children 8-11 years of age if sharing room with parents. Tour is not recommended for children younger than eight years of age. Triple rooms are double rooms with extra bed and ideal for two adults and one child.


  • Arrival & departure airport transfer by FLYBUS Plus shuttle (no guide)
  • Fully escorted 3-day bus tour with a Mandarin-speaking guide
  • 4-nights budget accommodation, in rooms with private shower/wc (see information below) or hotel upgrade option
  • Daily breakfast
  • Entrance with towel at Blue Lagoon
  • Entrance fee to Skógar folk museum and turf houses
  • Visit to Icelandic horse stables & geothermal greenhouse
  • Northern Lights program during two evenings with a combination of lectures, presentations, film and guided searches for the Northern Lights and midnight refreshments
  • Use of winter & Northern Lights Explorer equipment: simple non-slip snow & ice grippers spikes for shoes and a flashlight that is helpful when walking in the dark and operating your photo camera at night

ACCOMMODATION: For this program, we use budget accommodation to offer an attractive package price. You get great value for money. The first and last nights are at Hotel Cabin, in Reykjavík, offering rooms (10m2) with shower/wc, a restaurant, and a bar. The 2nd & 3rd nights are at Árhús Cabins in Hella, South Iceland, where 23 simple cottages with shower/wc are located in a large garden right on the river banks in the village of Hella. Árhús Cabins are popular with outdoor active guests and families travelling with children. All cottages are equipped with a small kitchenette and free Wi-Fi. There is a restaurant on premises, and a public swimming pool and supermarket are within walking distance. 

NOTE REGARDING DINNERS: In Reykjavik, the dinner is on your own. There are many restaurants for both fast food and fine a la carte dining in Iceland's capital. The Árhús Cabins in South Iceland offer a limited a la carte menu with a selection of fish, meat and vegetarian as the main course. Lunch stops are made at small country restaurants or petrol station diners.  

NATURE FEES: There is a possibility that some of the natural attractions around Iceland might charge an entrance fee during the trip. These entrance fees are not included in the tour price and need to be paid by all tour members additionally on the spot when entering any of these natural sites. Locations, amount of entrance fee, form of payment and other details are not known at present and are subject to change.

NORTHERN LIGHTS: This program includes during two evenings a combination of presentations, lectures, film and guided Northern Lights searches in the garden of Árhús Cabins in Hella, South Iceland. Árhús Cabins offer a Northern Lights wake-up call for guests that register for that particular service at the reception. The tour is dependent on weather, and therefore sightings are not guaranteed. The Northern Lights are in the northern hemisphere from September through April but are only visible when the sky is clear and free of clouds. Like many of natural wonders, the Northern Lights are ephemeral – they may be visible, they may appear for a bit and then be gone (it is not a TV show that you can just turn on and off). But it is worth the patience which is much required. Because they are a winter event, you need to be prepared to wait outside while looking for them. It is best to dress very warmly, in layers, with good footwear, gloves, hats and whatever else will make you comfortable while you await patiently this truly outstanding event. For the best photos, we recommend using a tripod.

CHANGE OF PROGRAM: Itineraries may be subject to change at short notice during severe weather conditions and certain outdoor activities/day trips may be cancelled during the winter season in Iceland. In these rare cases, where situations of force majeure apply, excursions/activities cannot be refunded, but the local guides will try their best to find reasonable alternatives where and whenever possible.

BOOKINGS & FURTHER INFORMATION: Either via our international tour operator network - see here 

or directly by email and we process your booking by personal email communication. We will send you a confirmation and invoice. Payment is due latest 4 weeks prior arrival. We accept international bank transfer, Visa or MasterCard. In general, there is a non-refundable booking fee/deposit of up to 20% to secure space on tour. Once paid, we will send the vouchers and travel documents. Unfortunately, we do not offer an online booking engine for this tour.

CANCELLATION: A cancellation fee of 20% of the tour price and accommodation will be retained by us for cancellations made from 4 to 8 weeks before departure. From 28 days until 8 days before departure, the fee is 50%. No refund is possible for cancellations less than 8 days before departure, or for no-shows, and a tour begun but not completed. The exchange of one arrangement for another must be agreed by us beforehand.

Tour Code: GJ-24 (Mandarin-Chinese)