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Join a spectacular tour in the Arctic. After exploring Iceland, a country of fire and ice, tan an expedition ship to Northeast Greenland, far above the Arctic Circle. Voyage to places where most people have never been.

Tour Code: GJ-95/B/PLA17-18
  • Tour Availability: Sat
  • Seasons: September only
  • Duration: 12 days
  • Min. nr of Participants: 1


Join a spectacular tour in the Arctic. After exploring Iceland, a country of fire and ice, take an expedition ship to Northeast Greenland, far above the Arctic Circle. Voyage to places where most people have never been.

This tour focuses on Northern Lights, nature, history and wildlife. Iceland awaits you with an exciting mix of mountains and volcanic landscape: fjords, lava fields, hot springs and volcanoes unfold as you explore Iceland. The Greenland expedition brings you to one of the world's most remote locations, a place of astonishing natural beauty and pure, untouched wilderness. Cruise through deep fjords with giant icebergs and glaciers and explore Inuit settlements and Arctic wildlife. Take part in tundra hikes and zodiac trips. In both countries, Northern Lights dance across the Arctic sky on a clear night. This is indeed a classic and comfortable discovery voyage to Iceland and remote Northeast Greenland.

Tour Code: GJ-95/B/PLA17-18


FLYBUS shuttle (no guide) from Keflavík airport to Reykjavík


Guided Reykjavík city tour in the morning. Afternoon bus trip (no guide) and entrance to the famous Blue Lagoon. Guided evening tour in search for the elusive Northern Lights.

Day 3, MON 17.09.18: GOLDEN CIRCLE

Full day guided Golden Circle tour. Explore the Geysir hot springs and Gullfoss waterfall. Travel to Thingvellir National Park, a UNESCO world heritage site.


Transfer by bus (no guide) from Reykjavík in the morning to the ship in Akureyri, where we arrive in the afternoon after a six-hour drive from South to North Iceland. In the early evening board, the ice-strengthened ship M/V ORTELIUS designed for Polar expedition cruises and set sail from Iceland north towards the Denmark Strait.

Day 5, WED 19.09.18: AT SEA

As we sail north we are almost certain to see fulmar, kittiwake, gannet and rafts of common guillemot, perhaps whales. We cross the Arctic Circle and push further north. Towards the evening the first icebergs will appear as we approach the east coast of Greenland. 


Sailing along the ragged and glaciated Volquart Boons Coast, we may organise a zodiac cruise along one of the glacier fronts and have our first landing near a glacier. Later we visit the remains of an Inuit settlement abandoned around 200 years ago. In the evening we continue to sail through the beautiful fjords to the west, filled with icebergs. 


We go ashore at Cape Hofmann Halvo, a reliable spot for viewing animals and birds: musk oxen, rock ptarmigan and great northern diver. In the evening we sail through the fjord towards Scoresby Land enjoying the contrast between the warm autumnal colours of the vegetated shore, backed by huge dark mountains and the cold blue colours of the icebergs.


We sail past huge icebergs which are up to 100 m high and more than a kilometre long. Many have grounded because the fjord is "only" about 400 m deep. We land near Sydkap to view the remains of the Thule culture winter houses.


We land at the south coast of Jameson Land, where waders and geese are gathering for the autumn migration. Musk oxen and collared lemming survive on the meagre vegetation of the hills. We visit Ittoqqortoormiit, the biggest settlement in Scoresby Sund with about 400 inhabitants. You explore the village, see the sledge dogs and the drying skins of seals, musk oxen and polar bear and see what life is like at the end of the world!

Day 10, MON 24.09.18: AT SEA

The day at sea offers chances to spot whales, migrating seabirds and if conditions are right, perhaps the Aurora Borealis!


Arrive in Akureyri and transfer by charter bus (no guide) to Reykjavík.

Day 12, WED 26.09.18: IT'S TIME TO SAY GOODBYE

FLYBUS shuttle (no guide) to Keflavík airport.

Tour Code: GJ-95/B/PLA17-18
Tour Code: GJ-95/B/PLA17-18


Tour Code Dates Availability
GJ-95/B 15.-26.09.2018 On request
  • Tours listed with "on request" require about 1-3 working days to check availability as we can never confirm instant availability for this tour program.
  • If you like to have more time to explore Reykjavik then we suggest adding a pre- or post-night in Iceland's capital

DURATION: 12 days / 11 nights

TOUR START: Arrival in Iceland is on Saturday

END OF TOUR: Departure from Iceland is on Wednesday

LANGUAGES: English only

GROUP SIZE: Maximum 116 persons on the Greenland Expedition Cruise

Tour Code: GJ-95/B

Tour Code: GJ-95/B/PLA17-18

2018 Prices - with departures from 15.09.-26.09.2018

3-star in Reykjavik +

Quadruple Porthole cabin on ship

Single room supplement

in Iceland:

Single room supplement on the ship,

if especially required:

EUR 4,360 per person  EUR 270 per person   n/a

3-star in Reykjavik +

Twin window cabin on ship

Single room supplement 

in Iceland:

Single room supplement on the ship, 

if especially required:

EUR 6,000 per person EUR 270 per person   EUR 3,360 per person

3-star in Reykjavik +

Twin Deluxe cabin on ship

Single room supplement 

in Iceland:

Single room supplement on the ship, 

if especially required:

EUR 6,300 per person EUR 270 per person   EUR 3,570 per person

3-star in Reykjavik +

Superior cabin on ship

Single room supplement 

in Iceland:

Single room supplement on the ship, 

if especially required:

EUR 6,950 per person

EUR 270 per person  

EUR 4,030 per person


  • 4 nights including breakfast in a 3-star hotel in the centre of Reykjavik, based on standard room at Fosshotel Baron or Fosshotel Lind, subject to availability
  • FLYBUS airport transfer between Keflavik International Airport and accommodation in Reykjavik (no guide)
  • 3 hour guided Reykjavík city tour (seat-in-coach)
  • Bus to/from Blue Lagoon (seat-in-coach) including entrance fee 
  • 3 hour guided Northern Lights evening tour (seat-in-coach)
  • 8-hour guided Golden Circle Tour (seat-in-coach)
  • 8 day/7 night Northeast Greenland expedition cruise from/to Akureyri in Iceland including all miscellaneous service taxes and port charges through the program, meals including snacks, coffee and tea throughout the voyage and excursions and lectures as per itinerary
  • Bus transfer (no guide) Reykjavík-Akureyri-Reykjavík (seat-in-coach)
Meals: 11x breakfast, 6x lunch and 7x dinner
Accommodation: Tourist class hotel in Iceland (Fosshotel Baron, Fosshotel Lind, or similar) and Greenland cruise, rooms with shower/wc
Single Supplement: Single supplement in mandatory for the Iceland part. For the Greenland expedition cruise, single travellers can also book ½ cabin = 1 berth in sharing a cabin, and then save the supplement. The other berth will be occupied by another solo traveller of the same gender. If single travellers require their own cabin for single use, then the above listed single room supplement on the ship will apply. 

Note: Excursion days may alter depending on weather and a minimum number of participants.

Availability: On request. It might take 48-72 hours until we can advise availability

Important: Trips to Greenland are always subject to weather conditions. Delays and flight cancellations can happen. Therefore we strongly recommend you to buy a travel insurance in the country of residence that would cover any additional travel expenses, should your flights be delayed or cancelled due to weather. We recommend not to book any international flight directly after a trip from Greenland.

Bookings to be sent to email: Either via our international tour operator network -see here 

or directly by email and we process your booking by personal email communication. All bookings are on request. We need full names of all travellers to Greenland, nationality and travel dates to/from Greenland. After we receive your reservation by email, you will get a short reconfirmation from us that we will work on your booking. The final confirmation will be sent within 2-4 working days after booking receipt. Unfortunately for Greenland packages, there is no instant availability system and online booking & payment system. Payment is due latest 8 weeks prior to arrival; we accept international bank transfer or payment by Visa or MasterCard. Vouchers and detailed itinerary will be sent after receipt of final payment. We provide you also with much practical information in regards to your stay in Greenland and how to prepare for a trip to Greenland.

Cancellation policy for Iceland & Greenland combo package:

  • 72 hours after booking and up to 8 weeks before departure: Changes (of ANY kind) will cost 25% of the tour package price. Cancellation fee is 25% of tour package price. To finalise a booking and issue the flight ticket, a non-refundable deposit of 25% of the tour package price per person is required within 72 hours of booking confirmation to guarantee space on tour.
  • If the reservation is cancelled within 8 weeks of departure, there will be a charge of 100% of the tour package price (no refund at all).
  • If the reservation is cancelled on the day of departure or in the case of no-show, there will be a charge of 100% of the tour package price (no refund at all).
Tour Code: GJ-95/B/PLA17-18

Dear travellers to Greenland, please don't visit until you understand these 8 things:

1. Respect and appreciate the nature.

Greenland is a country of mountains and ice. Greenlanders live for nature and want to preserve it the way it is. Animals live free and remain wild. Sled dogs are for transport and, unlike pet dogs, they are bred to be strong enough to pull a sledge carrying a person and the hunt of the day. Do not go petting them or come close to them without permission of the owner. If you hike and camp, do not litter. Leave Greenland as beautiful and pure as you found it.

2. Respect that we hunt and fish.

Vegetarianism and veganism are becoming more and more common in the world; therefore, activists who are against slaughtering animals are growing in numbers. But know this, the Inuit have hunted for food for thousands of years. The animals we hunt live free in the wild. We do not club baby seals; we actually prefer big and fat ones. Do not come to Greenland if you're going to judge our way of life.

3. Everything is locally-owned.

You will not find any chain stores in Greenland. There are no Starbucks, McDonald's, or Ikea. The country might be massive, but the population is only 60,000 and the culture is still very traditional and has not been fully affected by Western influence. So, if you can't live without your frappuccino or cheeseburger, don't come here.

4. We're not big on public transportation.

When you go travelling in Europe or Southeast Asia, you can catch a bus easily to travel from town to town. Well, here you can't. Due to mountainous coasts where the towns are located — and the fact that towns are quite far away from each other — there is not yet any road between them. That's what makes Greenland such a unique destination.

If you want to go hiking, research everything you need to know about the area before you set off. You will not find any signs to lead you to places. And most places don't have cell phone coverage, so don't rely on Google Maps.

5. Be aware of the climate.

If you want to visit during summer, don't bring bikinis or shorts. The average temperature in the summer is 10-20°C (50-70 F), and with the dry air and cold wind from the icebergs and ocean, it really doesn't get hot.

If you visit during winter, be prepared. Bring reliable winter clothes such as Canada Goose jackets or any brand that has a wind stopper and sells waterproof items. The weather can get as low as minus 20°C (-4 F) in most towns — and in the most northern settlements, it can be minus 40°C (-40 F).

In any of the seasons, the wind is inevitable, and it can be brutal. During snowstorms, the wind can be up to 180 km/h (111 mph).

6. It ain't cheap here.

Greenland is an island, and the neighbouring countries are at least a 3-hour flight away. And there are only two airlines that do scheduled flights, one of which is only seasonal. The tickets aren't cheap.

Think about this, most products in the supermarket are imported from another country. In most cases, they are from Denmark. The price is most likely to be double or more in Greenland than in Denmark. Get this, and the further you travel north, the more expensive the prices are. A yoghurt that would cost $1 in Denmark can cost up to $5 in Greenland. If you want fresh veggies or fruit, well, expect it to cost a lot. Or just do what locals do, buy the frozen vegetables and canned fruit.

7. Liquor stores have closing hours.

If you want to include alcohol on your shopping list, go to the store before 6 PM on weekdays, because after that, beer, wine, and any other liquor won't be available. And remember that on Saturdays, the liquor stores are open only from 9 AM to 1 PM. No sales on Sundays.

8. Above all, be kind.

We Greenlanders are happy people. We enjoy nature, and we live a simple life. We love seeing foreigners coming to visit our beautiful country, and if you happen to greet one of us, there's a big chance we will invite you over to dinner. It doesn't often happen where a foreigner is bold enough to visit Greenland, so we take advantage of the company when it's here. In return, please be kind to the locals.

Tour Code: GJ-95/B/PLA17-18