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SMALL GROUP: The Grand Tour of Iceland takes you on an unforgettable journey around Iceland including the Snæfellsnes Peninsula and the magical West Fjords. Experience the spectacular splendor and untamed beauty of Iceland´s nature, breathtaking scenery and unique Icelandic history and culture.

Tour Code: GJ-99
  • Tour Availability: Mon
  • Seasons: June to August
  • Duration: 12 days
  • Min. nr of Participants: 1

Explore the highlights and secrets around Iceland including the Snæfellsnes Peninsula and the West Fjords

Small group travel

Golden Circle - Thingvellir (4).JPGIceland is a country like no other, almost an own little planet with exceptional landscapes: some of the world's finest waterfalls, erupting geysers, stunning fjords, magical lagoons, active volcanoes, majestic glaciers, powerful lava flows as well as tranquil lakes with rare-breeding birdlife. The Grand Tour of Iceland takes you on an unforgettable journey around Iceland including the Snæfellsnes Peninsula and the magical West Fjords. These western areas are left unexplored by most of our visitors. Experience the spectacular splendor and untamed beauty of Iceland´s nature, breathtaking scenery and unique Icelandic history and culture. You will discover some of the most remote parts of the country and visit many well-known highlights as well. Our Grand Tour of Iceland features all the best the country has to offer. Each day combines touring by bus, going for light walks, having soft adventures and experiencing Icelandic culture and history. We stay in simple and charming guesthouses, farm- and tourist-class hotels, many of them set in the most stunning locations.

Highlights and Experiences

  • A complete coach tour around Iceland including the Snæfellsnes Peninsula and the West Fjords
  • Explore three national parks
  • See the scarcely visited waterfall Dynjandi, elected "the most beautiful waterfall in Iceland" by Icelanders
  • Ferry trip to the West Fjords, daily leisurely walks, visit a lava cave and soak in a geothermal nature bath
  • Boat trip between floating icebergs on Jökulsárlón glacial lagoon
  • Visits to small local museums, cultural experiences, and a horse show
  • See more sea-cliff birds than you can ever count
  • Overnight in Fellsströnd (day 5) and Borgarfjörður-Eystri (day 9), two locations that most visitors to Iceland never see
  • Small groups, maximum 20 persons
Tour Code: GJ-99

Explore the highlights and secrets around Iceland including the Snæfellsnes Peninsula and the West Fjords

Grand Tour 2017.jpgDay 1, MON: WELCOME TO ICELAND (50 km/31 mls)
The Flybus shuttle brings you from Keflavík International Airport to Reykjavík where you spend the first night in Iceland. We provide ideas how to explore Iceland's capital on your own.

Day 2, TUE: GOLDEN CIRCLE (290 km/180 mls)
We see classic highlights today. We explore Gullfoss, the beautiful double "Golden Falls" and we walk through the active geothermal area of Geysir, where Strokkur "the churn" spouts up to 25 meters (70 feet) every five to ten minutes. The next stop is the ancient Viking Parliament area and UNESCO world heritage site of Þingvellir National Park. The Þingvellir plain is situated on a tectonic-plate boundary where North America and Europe are slowly tearing away from each other. As a result, the plain is scarred by dramatic fissures, ponds, and rivers, including the great rift Almannagjá. We continue our journey along the scenic Hvalfjörður fjord. Overnight in Borgarnes, West Iceland.

Snæfellsnes (West Iceland).JPGToday, we explore the Snæfellsnes Peninsula, which juts out from Iceland's West Coast like a long arm with a clenched fist at its tip, and which is in many ways a microcosm of the whole island. A rugged mountain chain runs its length, capped by the 1,446-meter Snæfellsjökull glacier, a mystical cone-shaped stratovolcano. We travel around the Snæfellsnes Peninsula, through lava fields, and along the ocean with many classic Icelandic photo opportunities. We see the most popular sites at the Snæfellsnes National Park where volcanic craters, lava flows, an ice cap, glaciated peaks, fjords, sandy beaches, and high cliffs shape its landscapes. We follow the adventure of Jules Verne's classic science-fiction novel about "The Journey to the Center of the Earth". Do not miss your chance to go on your own trip to the interior of the earth under the glacier Snæfellsjökull! This lava cave tour takes you 35 meters underground and about 200 meters into the lava tube called Vatnshellir. During the trip, you reach two different sections of the cave by a long and narrow spiral staircase. The upper section has great features and unique formations of lava statues carved on the sides of the lava tube. In the lower part of the lava cave, you experience total quietness and even total darkness when your guide switches off the light. The duration of the lava cave tour is approximately one hour.

Snæfellsnes - Stykkisholmur light house.JPGIn the afternoon, we catch the car ferry Baldur from Stykkishólmur to Brjánslækur in the West Fjords. On the 2,5 hour journey over Breiðafjörður Bay, we pass the island of Flatey, which is inhabited only during the summertime. If the weather is nice, you enjoy a magnificent view of the bay's countless islands as well as the glacier Snæfellsjökull. We will stay two nights in the area of Patreksfjörður.

We follow the coastline and stop at the folk and transport museum in Hnjótur. We continue through a very remote and sparsely populated region to the bird cliffs of Látrabjarg, the largest seabird cliff and the westernmost point of Iceland and Europe where you can see puffins from mid-May till mid-August. We take a walk in the wilderness to the top of the highest bird cliff in Iceland. Látrabjarg is known in the world for its density of Nordic birds. Puffins, razorbills, guillemots, fulmars, cormorants, kittiwakes and other cliff birds flock either in hundreds, thousands and even in millions. Látrabjarg is a place where you can get very close to the seabirds, and even if you're not into birdwatching, you are entertained by the comic puffins and mesmerized by the sheer number of birds. If weather and road Dynjandi waterfall, West Fjords.JPGconditions allow we travel to Rauðisandur beach with endless red sand. Well, not endless but 10 km is a lot. The magnificent hues of the sand differ with daylight, tights, and weather. This pure sand beach is home to countless of seabirds and seals and is an oasis of unique tranquility. Forget everything, except maybe getting the perfect shot of the ever-changing hues of yellow, orange and red. 

Day 5, FRI: BEAUTIFUL WEST FJORDS (320 km/199 mls)
We travel over mountains and along the shore of scenic fjords until we reach the majestic fjord Arnarfjörður, surrounded by high mountains. At the bottom of the fjord, we come across the unique waterfall Dynjandi with its seven levels of plunging water, declared the country's most beautiful waterfall by the people of Iceland. We continue over a mountain pass. The trip continues along the southern shores of the West Fjords which is a route less traveled and is characterized by sheer cliffs, deep cut bays and narrow stretches of coastal lowland. We overnight at the remote Vogur Country Lodge in West Iceland. This overnight location is a truly peaceful and beautiful place close to Breiðafjörður Bay, giving you the feeling of being all alone in Iceland.

Horses in Iceland (2).JPGDay 6, SAT: HEADING NORTH (350 km/217 mls)
In the morning we travel mostly off-the-beaten-path, see abandoned farms, beautiful little country churches, and Icelandic horses. At Haukadalur, there's a rather authentic replica of the homestead of Erik the Red, the famous explorer who founded the Icelandic colony in Greenland. His son Leif-the-Lucky, born in Haukadalur, Iceland, was the first European to set foot in North America. Now the excavated and reconstructed farm in Haukadalur is a living Viking museum, a fun, informative and a photogenic place. The landscape is dominated by mountains, lakes, valleys, sea and wide open spaces. We head north and stop at a local farm for lunch and a horse show where we learn about the unique qualities of Iceland's special breed. Afterward, we travel through the fertile farmlands and fjord landscapes of Northwest Iceland before we reach the charming town of Akureyri, Iceland's second-largest city. We will stay two nights in the capital of North Iceland.

Day 7, SUN: NORTHERNMOST TOWN (160 km/99 mls)
During a 6-hour excursion, we see spectacular fjord landscapes while traveling to Namaskard in Iceland.JPGSiglufjörður, Iceland's northernmost town and known as the herring capital of the North Atlantic. Siglufjörður is located on the mountainous Tröllaskagi Peninsula. On the way, we pass small fishing villages and stop at a deserted valley that even most Icelanders have not seen. Included is a visit to the Herring Museum and also beer tasting at Kaldi, a local micro-brewery. The rest of the day is free at leisure. Maybe you like to go shopping, visit a geothermal swimming pool, stroll through the local botanical garden or try an optional whale watching or horseback riding tour at 17:00. Overnight and dinner in Akureyri.

We explore Goðafoss, the waterfall of the Gods, and continue to Lake Mývatn, known for its abundant bird life and amazing volcanic lava landscapes. We visit pseudo craters, walk in the mysterious lava field Dimmuborgir, see the tephra cone Hverfjall, explore the hot springs, fumaroles and bubbling mud pools of Námaskarð, and travel to the explosion crater lake Víti in the Krafla geothermal fields. In the afternoon relax and soak at the Mývatn Nature Baths. Overnight near Lake Mývatn.

Puffin in Iceland.JPGDay 9, TUE: THE SECRET OF THE EAST (290 km/180 mls)
We travel to Dettifoss, Europe's most powerful waterfall in the northern part of Vatnajökull National Park. The round-trip walk takes about 40-60 minutes. We continue east through the bare and sometimes deserted landscape with mountains all around. Along the way, we stop at Möðrudalur, the all-year residence at the highest altitude in Iceland, 469m above sea level. In the summertime, they run a service center there which is a perfect place to enjoy the view of Herðubreið, the queen of the Icelandic mountains. We visit the church at the farm, built by hand in 1949 by the former farmer in the memory of his late wife. From there we head through the uninhabited highlands to East Iceland. We explore the northernmost fjord on the East Fjord mountain range. The isolated village Bakkagerði at Borgarfjörður-Eystri has only 120 inhabitants and is a charming village, built snugly next to the steep mountainside. Driving to there is dramatic and rewarding. The colorful mountains are unique and impressive. We experience an unusual opportunity to visit a traditional Icelandic fishing village, still relying on the small boat fishing. Even so, Borgarfjörður-Eystri is one of Iceland's most beautiful treasures, this off-the ring road location remains still seldom visited. There is a coffee house in the village, displaying some works of Jóhannes Kjarval, a well-known Icelandic painter who grew up in Borgarfjörður-Jökulsárlón (Iceland).JPGEystri. His hometown and its landscape have much influenced his job. We also see the remarkable altarpiece, an extraordinary artwork painted by Jóhannes Kjarval. Borgarfjörður-Eystri is home to an extensive population of elves – judging by the 172 local folk tales involving elves. In the village, we find Álfaborg, a protected site where the queen of elves is believed to live in a uniquely shaped rock castle. The elf stories provide a fascinating lecture, especially for the younger generation. We continue to the local harbor to look out for kittiwakes, puffins, and other seabirds. Overnight and dinner at a local guesthouse. 

Day 10, WED: FJORDS, GLACIERS, AND ICE (430 km/267 mls)
It's a day to admire the dramatic fjord landscape and its tiny fishing villages at the end of twisty roads in the East Fjords, and en route we visit Petra's fascinating rock collection. A naturalist and a collector are two terms that have been used to describe Petra since she was a little girl. From the day she opened her eyes for the first time she perceived her surrounding differently from most of her compatriots, and it is almost as her parents knew when they named her. The word "Petra" simply means "stone" in Greek. Petra collected for nearly 80 years this unique treasure of rocks, crystals, zeolites, quartz and more, all from the nearby area in the Vatnajökull national park, glacial tongue.JPGEastfjords. The rocks and stones are beautifully laid out in her home and garden. Her descendants proudly take good care of this unique exhibition. In the afternoon we see Vatnajökull, Europe's biggest glacier that is visible all over Southeast Iceland. Past the town of Höfn, we stop for a boat ride amongst the floating icebergs on the magnificent Jökulsárlón glacial lagoon, considered one of the highlights on tour around Iceland. We spend the night near Skaftafell in the southern part of Vatnajökull National Park.

Today we visit Vatnajökull National Park which covers about 14 % of Iceland, making it Europe's 2nd largest national park in terms of area after Yugyd Va in Russia. We explore the region of Skaftafell that is nestled below Iceland's highest mountain and the second biggest stratovolcano in Europe, the 2,110-meter high Hvannadalshnjúkur. We walk close to one of the many glacial tongues in the area – a Kodak moment. We cross a sandy desert and drive along the south coast, always between the sea, rugged mountains, glaciers, and waterfalls. We stroll along the black lava beach and bird cliffs near the village of Vík. We Seljalandsfoss, South Iceland (10).JPGstop at the Skógafoss waterfall, another must-see location in South Iceland. The crashing water creates a mist that results in frequent and magical rainbows, just adding some more memorable experiences to the sheer beauty of this stunning scenery and place. Afterward, we reach Seljalandsfoss waterfall where you can follow a slick and wet trail and walk right behind the falls. Come prepared and bring a raincoat and good boots as you will get wet. Then we visit the Lava Center in Hvolsvöllur, where we watch a documentary film about volcanic eruptions in the past years in Iceland. Farewell dinner at a local restaurant in Reykjavík and we will spend the last night of the Grand Tour in Iceland's capital.

Day 12, FRI: DEPARTURE HOME (50 km/31 mls)
The Flybus airport shuttle picks you up at your hotel and takes you to Keflavík International Airport.


  • Vik.JPGTotal mileage in 10 days is about 2,800 km (1,738 miles), which is an average of 280 km (173 miles) per day. You spend about 4 hours per day on the bus, depending on road conditions, traffic, and daily distances. On some days, especially in the West Fjords, the driving might be longer than on some other days. 
  • This tour has an average of 1-2 hours light walking each day, mostly short walks of 5-20 minutes, to explore and reach many of the natural treasures around Iceland. It is an easy tour for nearly everyone to participate. Grand Tour of Iceland is NOT a hiking/walking tour, but most trails in Iceland are nature trails which include uneven terrain, gravels, stairs and unpaved trails.
  • Most hotels, farms, and guesthouses used on this tour are simple tourist-class category, many of them set in the most stunning locations.
Tour Code: GJ-99

Explore the highlights and secrets around Iceland including the Snæfellsnes Peninsula and the West Fjords

2018 Departures: 12 days/11 nights
Tour Code From To Availability
GJ 99/L Monday, 30.07.2018 Friday, 10.08.2018 On request
GJ 99/M Monday, 06.08.2018 Friday, 17.08.2018 On request
GJ 99/O Monday, 20.08.2018 Friday, 31.08.2018 On request
GJ 99/P Monday, 27.08.2018 Friday, 07.09.2018 On request
2019 Departures: 12 days/11 nights
Tour Code From To Availability
GJ-99/030619 Monday, 03.06.2019 Friday, 14.06.2019 Yes
GJ-99/170619 Monday, 17.06.2019 Friday, 28.06.2019 Yes
GJ-99/240619 Monday, 24.06.2019 Friday, 05.07.2019 Yes
GJ-99/150719 Monday, 15.07.2019 Friday, 26.07.2019 Yes
GJ-99/290719 Monday, 29.07.2019 Friday, 09.08.2019 Yes
GJ-99/120819 Monday, 12.08.2019 Friday, 23.08.2019 Yes
GJ-99/260819 Monday, 26.08.2019 Friday, 06.09.2019 Yes

Tours listed with "On request" are almost sold out and therefore check with us regarding the latest booking status.



TOUR STARTS: On Tuesdays at 09:00 from Reykjavík.

TOUR ENDS: On Thursdays around 18:00 in Reykjavík followed by a farewell dinner on the same evening.

DURATION: 12 days / 11 nights.

LANGUAGES: English only.

GROUP SIZE: Maximum 20 passengers. Once a booking is confirmed, the departure is guaranteed.

ACCOMMODATION: 11 nights in charming guesthouses, farms and tourist-class hotels – rooms with shower/wc.

MEALS 2017: 11x breakfast, 1x lunch (day 6) and 10x dinner (3-course or buffet). Dinner on the first night in Reykjavík is not included.

PRE & POST NIGHTS IN REYKJAVÍK: Optional pre and post nights available upon request.

AIRPORT TRANSFERS: Included in the program and price. Airport transfers are operated by the FLYBUS shuttle and are not guided.

NOTE: This tour has an average of 1-2 hours light walking each day, mostly short walks of 5-20 minutes, to explore and reach many of the natural treasures around Iceland. It is an easy tour for nearly everyone to participate. Grand Tour of Iceland is NOT a hiking/walking tour, but most trails in Iceland are nature trails which include uneven terrain, gravels, stairs and not paved trails.

Tour Code: GJ-99

2018 Price per Person

Service/Room Type Departures Summer 2018
In a double, twin or triple* room     EUR 5.190
In a single room  EUR 6.650
VIP-seating supplement EUR 450

* Triple room on request

MEALS: 11x breakfast, 1x lunch (day 6) and 10x dinner (3-course or buffet). Dinner on the first night in Reykjavík is not included.


  • Arrival and departure transfer by FLYBUS airport shuttle (no guide)
  • 10 days escorted Iceland tour with an English speaking guide or driver-guide
  • 11 nights accommodation, in rooms with shower/wc
  • 11x breakfast, 1x lunch (day 6) and 10x dinner 
  • Visit to three national parks
  • Entrance and visit to lava cave on the Snæfellsnes Peninsula
  • Ferry trip to the West Fjords
  • Admission fee to folk and transport museum at Hnjótur
  • Visit to Erik the Red homestead
  • Horse show in northwest Iceland
  • Entrance to Herring Museum
  • Visit to micro beer brewery
  • Admission fee with towel to the Nature Baths at Lake Mývatn
  • Visit to Petra's stone collection in the East Fjords
  • Boat trip between floating icebergs on Jökulsárlón glacial lagoon
  • Documentary film at Lava Center in town Hvolsvöllur

PRE & POST NIGHTS IN REYKJAVÍK: Optional pre and post nights available upon request.

AIRPORT TRANSFERS: Included in the program and price. Airport transfers are operated by the FLYBUS shuttle and are not guided.

ACCOMMODATIONS: We overnight in simple but charming guesthouses, farms and tourist-class hotels, many of them set in the most stunning locations. All rooms have private shower/wc.

  • Reykjavik: Hotel Klettur (first and last night)
  • West Iceland: Icelandair Hotel Hamar (1 night)
  • West Fjords: Fosshotel West Fjords (2 nights)
  • Dalir region: Country Lodge Vogur (1 night)
  • Akureyri: Hotel Kea (2 nights)
  • Lake Myvatn: Hotel Laxá (1 night)
  • East Iceland: Country Guesthouse Alfheimar in Borgarfjöður-Eystri (1 night)
  • Vatnajökull National Park: Fosshotel Glacier Lagoon (1 night)

Note that above hotel list is subject to change and that double rooms in Iceland are usually twin beds.

OPTIONAL VIP SEATING: Supplement for a guaranteed window seat on our fully escorted coach tours which includes a window seat and the next seat remaining empty (a passenger gets two seats). Seats will be reserved in the front rows of the bus, on first comes - first served basis.

NOTE: This tour has an average of 1-2 hours light walking each day, mostly short walks of 5-20 minutes, to explore and reach many of the natural treasures around Iceland. It is an easy tour for nearly everyone to participate. Grand Tour of Iceland is NOT a hiking/walking tour, but most trails in Iceland are nature trails which include uneven terrain, gravels, stairs and not paved trails.

NATURE FEES: There is a possibility that some of the natural attractions around Iceland might charge an entrance fee during the trip. These entrance fees are not included in the tour price and need to be paid by all tour members additionally on the spot when entering any of these natural sites. Locations, amount of entrance fee, form of payment and other details are not known at present and are subject to change.

BOOKINGS AND FURTHER INFORMATION: Either via our international tour operator network or directly by email and we process your booking by personal email communication. We will send you a confirmation and invoice. GJ-Travel reserves the right to charge a non-refundable booking fee/payment deposit of up to 20% to secure space on tour. Final payment is due 4 weeks prior to the tour start. We accept international bank transfer, Visa or MasterCard. Once paid in full, we will send the vouchers and travel documents. Unfortunately, we do not offer an online booking engine for this tour.

CANCELLATIONS: A cancellation fee of 20% of the tour price and accommodation will be retained by us for cancellations made from 4 to 8 weeks before tour start. From 28 days until 7 days before tour start, the fee is 50%. No refund is possible for cancellations less than 7 days before tour start, or for no-shows, and a tour began, but not completed. The exchange of one arrangement for another must be agreed by us beforehand. 

Tour Code: GJ-99
Hi Terry, Just to let you let you know that Mr and Mrs Rooke had a fantastic time and cannot praise the guide from GJ Travel enough...he was excellent! Everything went to plan and the timings were spot on and I am conveying their thanks to you for arranging such a well-planned tour. Thank you so much.... Best wishes, Carole, Eden Global Travel (booked through Taber Holidays, UK)
Well organized tour. Saw not enough. Need to come again. The guide was excellent, well spoken, kept us in order, helped us understand his country and directed us to get the best from our tour. We liked the different hotels and guesthouses. We were made welcome. Wonderful meals; a lot of fish, mostly Icelandic and tasty. Excellent driver. (booked directly through GJ-Travel)
Wonderful tour. Knowledgeable and funny guide. Mostly very good accommodation. Good meals, but need more vegetables. Great driver. (booked through Nordic Saga Tours, USA)
The tour was wonderful and exceeded my expectations. Rocky Rock, the guide, was fantastic. He was the best and really added to the trip. Your company is very lucky to have him. Very nice, knowledgeable and made us all feel very welcome and safe. Good hotels and meals. Coach was great, the driver was excellent. (booked through Nordika Travel USA)
Excellent trip. We would have liked at least one extra full day in the capital of the north. Fabulous, well informed guide. The best!!! Most meals terrific, most hotels great. (booked through Nordic Saga Travel USA)
Fantastic tour, Excellent guide. Hotels mostly adequate, some very rustic. Dinners were good. Driver excellent (booked through Nordic Saga USA)
We wanted a tour of the majority of Iceland and this tour delivered. We saw lots of natural beauty, lots of animals (puffins, reindeer, arctic fox and birds), culture and landscapes. The guide, Rocky Rock, was awesome. He was very knowledgeable, patient, cheerful and always ready on time. Really enjoyed Rocky Rock. Accommodations was of great variety, but each was clean, warm and mostly with a great view. Excellent meals and driver. (booked through GJ-Travel)
It was so good to see so much but did feel a bit rushed at times and probably impossible to have more time in some places on a tour of this lengths. Will have to come again and explore in more detail. We did pack a lot in. The guide was great fun, very knowledgeable and patient with all our questions. Accommodation very clean, staff welcoming, enjoyed being in the middle of nowhere and hearing the birds. Enjoyed tasting Icelandic food, especially the variety of fish. The driver was very good, knowledgeable and friendly. (booked through GJ Travel)
Hello Renato. We very much enjoyed our holiday on many levels. Firstly we enjoyed places where there are interesting geology underlying the landscape and this you have in plenty in Iceland. Our driver/tour guide Rocky certainly gave us all the information we needed when we were exploring different parts of the country. We enjoyed the natural history, the rivers, waterfalls, the fjords and the desert areas caused by the acid lava flows. We have not seen places so beautiful, so deserted and strange before. We enjoyed the birds that we know Rocky is very interested in personally. We had hoped we might see a white-tailed eagle but that was not no. We enjoyed the human settlement and Sagas that are part of everyone from Iceland. Thanks to you and your staff for arranging our holiday that finished on Saturday 13 June. As this is a new route/holiday we hope you don't mind us giving you feedback. The success of each tour depends on getting people who enjoy seeing new places, giving them enough highlights each day, making sure the amount of driving to seeing the sites is right and the holiday at the right cost. We presume this particular trip was mainly for seniors, happy to see things from a coach with 1 -2 hours a day exploring the local highlights. It was a very different holiday for us because we have not had escorted holidays before and wondered if we were doing the right thing. We often tend to self-drive and plan the route roughly before we go and stop off every night where we finished up. However this rather haphazard approach could mean we would only see a small area and we might find getting to places too late to eat. We also enjoyed the experience of being part of a tour with tourists from other countries. They were good fun and made the times together very pleasant. The holiday worked out satisfactorily up to a point, however having to keep to the timetable meant we had only short visits on some of our sightseeing trips, on foot from the bus. Many times we would have stopped longer at some of these places, but had to get back to the bus to get to the next place, We realise that Iceland is a large island to cover and many visits will be needed to get to know half of it. The trip could have added 2 days in some of the North West and Northern Fjords, but that would not have pleased most other guests. We did enjoy the visit to see the Iceland horses in the north of the island, although we are not we would call 'horse people' but it was very interesting how the horses know what gait to do and to watch the children with their horses. So we gained much from that. Initially, before we came to Iceland we read about the Sagas and we were not sure how much we would get from your sagas, and about the settlement. It was in fact very interesting and after the tour we went to the Settlement 871 +/- 2 at Adalstraeti 16. It helped us see the importance of the written records of your early years and what Rocky had told us. Rocky Rock is a very good ambassador for both your company and Iceland. He was very helpful and friendly to us all and managed to cope very well with a mixed party of international travellers. His encyclopedic knowledge of the country was amazing and being able to remember them all was very good. We are not sure we could all remember everything he told us. The accommodation was more than adequate for us, who are used to simple cottages, bed and breakfasts and pubs in England. We were well catered for at breakfast and our evening meals and the lunchtime stops were all very satisfactory. The 15 seater bus was fine for the 12 who travelled on it and it coped well with the abnormally cool conditions at this time of year. The smaller bus also meant we could cope with the narrower roads in the far west and northeast. Rocky is a good driver and gave us a good and safe drive around the different road conditions. It is to be expected that in your latitudes to expect changeable weather which will influence how people see a place. In bright warm weather with a lot of sun people feel uplifted and possibly less so when it is cloudy, cool, and dull. Not everyone likes the sun all the time and perhaps those that do, should not should choose the Mediterranean. We had quite a range of places people came from, spanning many latitudes and climates. No one was expecting it to be so cold all the time. Rocky said it was one the coldest winters for many years. Thank you once again and please pass our thanks on to everybody involved including the Lady at your Guesthouse. The sandwiches were very good. Best wishes Anne & Malcolm
The tour was exactly what the itinerary stated. It was very nice and organized - a great trip. The guide, Finbjörn, was informative and a real good guide. All accommodation were very lovely in different settings - would definitely use again if I was to visit. Thought that all meals were excellent. Bus was clean and the driver did a great job driving. (booked directly through GJ Travel)
Amazing tour. Very pleased with Nordika Travel and we will look to travel with them again. The guide was outstanding. His knowledge of Iceland, its history, its folklore, its geology, nature and wildlife - all was super. The country hotels and guesthouses were wonderful. We especially enjoyed Vogur Country Lodge, Hotel Framnes and Guesthouse Alfheimar. We liked the location of Hotel Kea in Akureyri. I had special dietary needs and was very happy with the special accommodations. The Vogur Country Lodge meal was absolutely wonderful!!! The other meals were very good. The driver was also outstanding. I was particularly impressed with his attention to two elderly guests on the tour. He made sure we very all safe and well each day. (booked through Nordika Travel USA)
Well organized and the itinerary on schedule. Helpful and informative guide. Some hotels better than others. One hotel with no wifi. Meals overall agreeable. (booked through Nordic Saga)
A lot more information than I expected. Good humor too. Great commentary and data from the guide on all the important sites. Hotels: some great others acceptable but I realize there may be limited facilities in some areas. Meals: great chefs in Iceland. Bravo!. Bus: lots of windows for great views. Careful and professional driving (booked directly through GJ-Travel)
Excellent tour. Very competent, terrific and knowledgeable guide, good sense of humor. Vogur Lodge: wonderful. Otherwise hotels were from OK to good; not all hotels have elevators. Luggage is heavy to take upstairs. Hotels offer very good dinners. Lunch: hit and miss. Breakfast: some hotels better than others. Bus & driver: I felt safe the whole trip - excellent (booked directly through GJ-Travel)
What a wonderful tour! Excellent variety; loved staying in the "wilds". Loved the isolation of the western fjords and being off the beaten tourist track was the best thing. Perfect guide, accommodations and meals. The driver is very skilled. (booked through Nordic Saga USA)
Hi Maria, I just wanted to thank you again for all your help with my Iceland tour. I returned on Saturday evening, and I had a wonderful time. The tour guide and driver were professional and interesting and personable. There were only 8 travelers on the 20-person bus, so we had lots of room. The places we stayed were great, and the food was incredibly delicious. I hope you are doing well, and I look forward to working with you again on future travels. (booked through Borton Overseas USA)
Excellent group, right size of group. There is so much to absorb. The guide knew the subject very well. The hotels are better than expected. No issues to mention. Clean, safe, friendly and obliging. Meals superb. Always of high standard. Plenty for everybody and every taste. Driver was of highest standard. Safe and sure. Very skillful and unflappable. (booked by Nordic Travel Australia)
Well done. A bit rushed at times. Very knowledgeable guide. Tries to accommodate requests - very professional. Hotels are clean, comfortable and nice locations. Meals are fresh, well-cooked and nicely presented. Safe and comfortable bus. Friendly driver and has a good sense of humor. (booked through Brekke Tours USA)
Outstanding tour. Suggest extending the tour by 1-2 nights, it would be worth it. Very knowledgeable, very helpful, very efficient and organized and very pleasant guide. Accommodations were very nice, and in several cases the best available. Great local food, beautiful presented. Bus driver great! Cleaned the bus and windows several times. (booked through Nordic Saga, USA)
Fantastic tour. The guide was as good as they come. His shared research added lots of good information. We have traveled with several guides and all have been good. Björn Erik on Grand Tour of Iceland will be long remembered as one of the best. 5 star !!! Hotel: I didn't expect "5 stars" but was pleased with wi-fi (free) everywhere. Check-in went smoothly everywhere. No complaints. Meals: Better than I anticipated; liked having lunch on my own. This was well designed and just right. I did not overeat. Best driver I have ever observed on various trips. (booked through Love to Travel, USA)
Was able to see more of Iceland than expected. Have already recommended to friends. Well done; enjoyed each area of the country. The guide had a wealth of information, answered questions in timely manner, took individuals into account. Majority of hotels were fine, no major complaints. Meals were fine and changes made for those who needed them. Coach always clean. Driver courteous, careful and helpful. (booked through Brekke Tours, USA)
This tour is just exactly what I wanted - ring road plus into the Western Fjords. Side trips off the ring road were very good. The guide did a great job of telling us what to expect. Loved the handout sheets. Good balance of when to talk and when not to talk. Hotels were good and I know that some of the places we stayed were in the middle of nowhere and there were few choices. Good local food, keep that up. Even in the small places, the food and presentation was good. Coach and driver: I felt very safe with him driving. Did a good job handling the luggage. He kept the bus clean. (booked through Love to Travel, USA)
Spectacular sights and fun activities. Very knowledgeable guide. The hotels were nice and very accommodating. Meals very good, but too much fish for me. Driver was excellent! (booked through Nordika Travel USA)
I am thrilled to have seen so many sights in almost every corner of Iceland. The guide was giving us so much interesting information, humor, guidance, insight into this beautiful country. He did an outstanding job. Hotels were wonderful and Hotel Laxa was my favorite. All meals were fabulous, much beyond my expectations. The driver took such good care of us and drove expertly in often difficult conditions. Your calm smiles and greetings were delightful parts of each day! The bus was always clean and comfortable. (booked through Borton Overseas, USA)
Well organized tour, informative, points of interest. Guide knowledgeable, aware of photo stops, accommodating to all guests, friendly, informative, offered helpful suggestions and kept to time schedule. Hotels clean, staff helpful. Well prepared meals, service excellent. Restaurants clean, food excellent, good variety of menu. Coach cleaned on daily basis. Driver friendly, useful suggestions, handled vehicle in a safe manner in sometimes difficult situations (weather, traffic, roads). Overall - an amazing tour. (booked through Roberta Gandolfi Agency, New Jersey)
Overall excellent - constructively, missing a whale watching tour in Iceland was a disappointment. The guide is excellent and knowledgeable. A great blend of humor, information and all backed up by well prepared info documents. All hotels good (blend of comfort, cleanliness, location). Loved the remote locations!!! No complaints at all from me about the meals. I love fish. Vogur Lodge excellent. The driver drove safely in arduous conditions. (booked through GJ Travel Iceland)
Sensation tour, will recommend highly! The guide is wonderful, educational, friendly, fun and extremely helpful at all times. Loved all the hotels, even the more basic hotels in outlying areas. All meals excellent. Also wonderful, friendly, excellent driver. Went out of her way to enhance our Iceland experience. (booked through the internet)
We travel a lot, and this was one of the BEST TRIPS we have taken. Very unique, loved the physical activities, scenery unbeatable. It was fun, educational, wonderful. The guide was the best - he"made" the trip, was so knowledgeable, so much fun, always packing every day full of activity and education. His passion for Iceland is very clear and contagious. He is top notch! Hotel hotels great, but some rooms are small. Most hotels exceeded our expectations. Meals were fabulous, even at the more basic hotels. Super, well done, pleasant staff. The driver is the BEST! She was very skilled and always went over and above doing "extras" that add to the enjoyment. I felt very safe in her care and she was fun to be with. (booked through Nordic Saga USA)
Tour Code: GJ-99