from EUR 3340

SMALL GROUP & BESTSELLER: Escorted full Iceland circle with visits to historical places, natural sites with geological wonders, and soft activities such as whale watching, bathing in a mineral spa, amphibian boat tour on Jökulsárlón, and an Icelandic horse show. This round-the-island tour introduces you to the life in the countryside of Iceland. You learn about the local culture, history, and nature of this amazing country. 

Tour Code: GJ-90
  • Tour Availability: Sat
  • Seasons: June to September
  • Duration: 9 days
  • Min. nr of Participants: 1

Small group tour & Bestseller! Iceland circle tour with soft activities, and visits to cultural and historical sites

Glacial lagoon boat trip.JPG

This round-the-island tour shows you highlights of Icelandic nature, geological wonders, historical and cultural sites. We introduce you to the life in the countryside where you learn about the Icelandic horse, experience fish angling, visit a folk museum with turf houses,  and explore the natural habitat of whales on a whale watching tour, right below the Arctic Circle. You bathe in a pool of geothermal water rich in minerals and silica. This is an ideal tour for those who want to experience the whole variety of Icelandic landscape, culture, history, and nature in only nine days. You visit two of Iceland's three national parks, and there are opportunities to do some walks in the beautiful countryside most days during the tour. Accommodation is in a mix of 3 and 4-star hotels, in rooms are with private facilities. 


  • Complete circle tour around Iceland’s ring road 
  • Climb a small volcano crater
  • Whale watching & sea angling (2018)
  • Boat trip on Jökulsárlón glacial lagoon between floating icebergs
  • Soak in the geothermal nature baths at Lake Mývatn
  • See the most powerful waterfall in Europe - Dettifoss
  • Visit to two national parks, Þingvellir and Vatnajökull
  • Look into an explosion crater
  • See waterfalls, geysers, hot springs, volcanoes, glaciers and fjords
  • Daily leisurely walks 1-2 hours  
  • Small group travel with maximum 20 people
  • Free Wi-Fi on the bus to instantly share your best times in Iceland on social media
Tour Code: GJ-90

Small group tour & Bestseller! Iceland circle tour with soft activities, and visits to cultural and historical sites

Country Life 2013.jpg

Day 1, SAT: WELCOME TO ICELAND (50 km/31 mls)
The Flybus shuttle brings you from Keflavík International Airport to Reykjavík where you spend the first night in Iceland. We provide ideas how to explore Iceland's capital on your own.

Day 2, SUN: LAND OF SAGAS & VOLCANO CLIMB (190 km/118 mls)
After a short Reykjavík city tour, we head north from Iceland's capital to West Iceland. The settlement centre in Borgarnes introduces us to the Icelandic sagas where we learn about their impact on Iceland through the ages. The afternoon is filled with fascinating natural spots. A 40-minute round-trip hike takes us to the rim of Grábrók volcano crater, formed about 3400 years ago. For anyone interested in geology, this is a "must-see". The crater is in the middle of a vast lava field and from the top, you have superb views of the beautiful landscape.  Deildartunguhver is one of the most voluminous hot springs in Europe. The water that flows here is boiling and sizzling. Soon after, we explore Hraunfossar, the unique waterfall that drains from under vast lava fields into a glacial river. A 10-minute walk takes us to Barnafoss, "children's fall", with its strange rock formations carved by the river Hvítá. Enjoy Icelandic history at the cultural site in Reykholt, which was the home of the 13th-century writer, scholar, and chieftain Snorri Sturluson, who wrote many sagas. We see Snorri's pool, one of Iceland's most important cultural and archaeological sites. Overnight is in West Iceland.


A long drive takes us over mountain passes, through lava fields, green pastures, fertile farmlands and along fjord landscapes to North Iceland. We pass Skagafjörður, known as the "valley of horses". After a lunch break, we go whale watching and sea angling for 2-3 hours at Eyjafjörður, Iceland's longest fjord, right below the Arctic Circle. The most common species are humpback and minke whales, harbour porpoises and dolphins. The success rate to spot whales is about 98 %. The tour also includes about 30 minutes of sea angling. Expect to catch cod, haddock, pollock, catfish and if you are lucky, even a giant halibut! Next stop is Akureyri, Iceland's second-largest city before we reach the picturesque town of Húsavík in Northeast Iceland where we stay for the next two nights.

The day begins with Goðafoss, "the waterfall of the Gods", one of the country's most spectacular waterfalls and a prominent spot in Iceland's history.  We tour the Lake Mývatn area, considered as one of the most fertile regions in the world so close to the Arctic Circle and also known for its abundant bird life and amazing volcanic lava landscapes. The lake's unique features are shaped by nature - strange lava formations, any kind of volcanic craters, beautiful bays filled with thousands of birds and ducks. We stroll through the mysterious lava field of Dimmuborgir, look at pseudocraters and see the tephra cone Hverfjall. Our last stop is the Mývatn Nature Baths, where we soak in 36-40 degrees warm geothermal water, which contains a lot of minerals, is alkaline and well-suited for a relaxing and rejuvenating bath.

Viti crater lake at Krafla geothermal area (3).JPG

Day 5, WED: FROM NORTH TO EAST (330 km/205 mls)
We start the day by exploring the geothermal area of Námaskarð with hot springs, fumaroles and bubbling mud pools. At Kraftla we see the impacts of volcanic activity, and you can smell the sulphur. Víti is a circular explosion crater filled with blue water which has boiled for 100 years until the early 19th century and is surrounded by volcanic landscape and colourful mountains. The name Víti signifies "Hell", and the area is quite surreal. The water, colourful mountains, and the steam hissing out of vents create an eerie atmosphere. We continue our journey to the 44-meter high Dettifoss, Europe's most powerful waterfall in the northern part of Vatnajökull National Park. The round-trip walk takes about 40-60 minutes. From there we head through the uninhabited highlands to East Iceland. Along the way, we stop at Möðrudalur, the all-year residence at the highest altitude in Iceland, 469m above sea level. In the summertime, they run a service centre there which is a perfect place to enjoy the view of Herðubreið, the queen of the Icelandic mountains. We visit the church at the farm, built by hand in 1949 by the former farmer in the memory of his late wife. We continue through a fascinating barren landscape and through a long valley called Jökuldalur. In the evening we reach the fertile region of Fljótsdalshérað with its narrow glacial lake, Lögurinn. Keep your eyes open for the giant "Lake-Worm"! Overnight in East Iceland.

Vatnajökull glacier lagoon (116).jpg

Day 6, THU: FJORDS, GLACIERS, AND ICE (390 km/242 mls)
The Icelandic ring road takes us toward the southeast. It's a day to admire green valleys, high mountains, dramatic fjord landscape and its tiny fishing villages at the end of twisty roads in the East Fjords. We stop at the charming village of Djúpivogur. Soon we see Vatnajökull - Europe's biggest glacier that is visible all over Southeast Iceland. Past the town of Höfn, we stop for a boat ride among the floating icebergs on the Jökulsárlón glacial lagoon, considered one of the highlights on tour around Iceland. Huge pieces of ice calve from the glacier and end up floating in the lake and out to sea. Many of you might recognise the glacier and ice lagoon from films such as Lara Croft: Tomb Raider and James Bond: Die Another Day! After the glacial lake experience, there is time to go down to the black sand beach in case we find icebergs that have floated all the way from the glacier lagoon into the Atlantic Ocean.The night is spent near Skaftafell in the southern part of Vatnajökull National Park.

Seljalandsfoss, South Iceland (41).JPG

We explore Vatnajökull National Park which covers about 14 % of Iceland, making it Europe's second-largest national park in terms of area after Yugyd Va in Russia. The park offers amazing contrasts in landscape with glaciers, moors, mountains, birch forests, glacial rivers, brooks and sandy outwash plains. We explore the region of Skaftafell that is nestled below Iceland's highest peak and the second-biggest stratovolcano in Europe, the 2,110-meter high Hvannadalshnjúkur. We walk close to one of the many glacial tongues in the area – a Kodak moment. We cross a sandy desert and drive along the south coast, always between the sea, rugged mountains, glaciers, and waterfalls. We see Eldhraun, "fire lava", an enormous and incredibly beautiful lava field which was created by the year-long Laki eruption in 1783. This eruption was devastating for Iceland. The years that followed are referred to the "misty times", due to the volcanic ash lingering for a long time in the air.  The world-famous Reynisfjara shore, near the village Vík, is widely regarded as the most impressive black sand and pebble beach in Iceland and features an amazing cliff of regular basalt columns resembling a rocky step pyramid. The area has an abundant birdlife, including puffins, fulmars, and guillemots. Iceland's past comes alive at the Skógar folk museum with its turf houses.  Next stop is the 62-meter high Skógafoss waterfall, often harbouring a rainbow. We travel along the famous Eyjafjallajökull glacier and volcano and visit the narrow and 65-meter high Seljalandsfoss waterfall with a trail that leads behind the fall. You must be prepared to get wet! We continue our journey through the biggest agricultural area of Iceland to our overnight location in South Iceland.

Geysir hot spring area (7).jpg

We see classics today, and we start with horses. At Friðheimar farm we meet an individual four-footed player in Iceland's history. During an educational and entertaining horse show, we are introduced with a professional but also personal display to the gaits and unique qualities of the Icelandic horse. This peculiar breed has adapted to Iceland's landscape in a way that made it a full partner in farm and city life. The Golden Circle sights follow. Gullfoss, the beautiful double "Golden Falls", tumbles 34 meters into the Hvítá river and attracts tourists and travellers all year. Next stop is the active geothermal area of Geysir, where we can see Strokkur, "the churn", spout up to 25 meters (70 feet) every five to ten minutes. We continue to the ancient Viking Parliament area of Þingvellir National Park, a UNESCO world heritage site, and an area of exceptional geological and historical interest. See with your own eyes the rift dividing the continental plates of America and Eurasia. Overnight in Reykjavík, Iceland's capital. 

Thingvellir autumn colours.jpg

Day 9, SUN: DEPARTURE HOME (50 km/31 mls)
Individual transfer by Flybus airport shuttle to Keflavík Airport.


  • Total mileage without airport transfer is about 2.090 km (1.298 miles), which is an average of 299 km (186 miles) per day. You spend about 4 hours per day on the bus, depending on road conditions, traffic, and daily distances. On some days the driving might be longer than on some other days.
  • This tour has an average of 1-2 hours light walking each day, mostly short walks of 5-20 minutes, to explore and reach many of the natural treasures and historical sites around Iceland. It is an easy tour for nearly everyone to participate. Iceland Country Life is NOT a hiking/walking tour, but most trails in Iceland are nature trails which include uneven terrain, gravels, stairs and unpaved trails.
Tour Code: GJ-90

Small group tour & Bestseller! Iceland circle tour with soft activities, and visits to cultural and historical sites

2018 DEPARTURES - new: small groups with a maximum of 20 people
TOUR CODE   FROM TO Chances to see Northern Lights AVAILABILITY
GJ 90/N Saturday, 11.08.2018 Sunday, 19.08.2018 no On request
GJ 90/P Saturday, 25.08.2018 Sunday, 02.09.2018 maybe On request
GJ 90/R Saturday, 08.09.2018 Sunday, 16.09.2018 yes On request
GJ 90/T Saturday, 22.09.2018   Sunday, 30.09.2018    yes On request
2019 DEPARTURES - new: small groups with a maximum of 20 people
TOUR CODE FROM TO Chances to see Northern Lights AVAILABILITY
GJ-90/010619 Saturday, 01.06.2019 Sunday, 09.06.2019 no Yes
GJ-90/150619 Saturday, 15.06.2019 Sunday, 23.06.2019 no Yes
GJ-90/290619 Saturday, 29.06.2019 Sunday, 07.07.2019 no Yes
GJ-90/130719 Saturday, 13.07.2019 Sunday, 21.07.2019 no Yes
GJ-90/270719 Saturday, 27.07.2019 Sunday, 04.08.2019 no Yes
GJ-90/100819 Saturday, 10.08.2019 Sunday, 18.08.2019 no Yes
GJ-90/240819 Saturday, 24.08.2019 Sunday, 01.09.2019 maybe Yes
GJ-90/070919 Saturday, 07.09.2019 Sunday, 15.09.2019 yes Yes
GJ-90/210919 Saturday, 21.09.2019   Sunday, 29.09.2019    yes Yes
Tours listed with "On request" are almost sold out and therefore check with us regarding the latest booking status.

DURATION: 9 days / 8 nights 
TOUR STARTS: On Sundays at 09:00 from Reykjavík
TOUR ENDS: On Saturdays in Reykjavík between 16:00-18:00
LANGUAGES: English only
GROUP SIZE: maximum 20 people. Once a booking is confirmed, the departure is guaranteed.
PRE & POST NIGHTS REYKJAVÍK: Optional pre and post nights available upon request.
AIRPORT TRANSFERS: Included in the program and price.

Tour Code: GJ-90

2018 PRICE PER PERSON, max 20 persons per group

Service/Room Type Departures: June-August Departures: September
In a double, twin or triple* room     EUR 3.540 EUR 3.340
In a single room  EUR 4.820 EUR 4.620
VIP-seating supplement EUR 315 EUR 315

* Triple room on request


  • Arrival & departure transfer by FLYBUS airport shuttle (no guide)
  • 7-day fully escorted tour with an English speaking guide or driver-guide
  • 8 nights accommodation in rooms with shower/wc
  • 8x breakfast 
  • 6x 3-course dinner
  • Visit to two national parks
  • Whale watching & sea angling tour (weather permitting)
  • Boat trip on Jökulsárlón glacial lagoon
  • Icelandic horse show
  • Entrance fee & towel to Mývatn Nature Baths 
  • Admission to Icelandic settlement centre 
  • Entrance fee to Skógar folk museum

MEALS: 8x breakfast and 6x dinner (3-course or buffet). Dinner on Reykjavík nights not included.

ACCOMMODATION: Accommodation is provided in a mix of 3 and 4-star hotels, in rooms with private facilities. Most of our groups stay at the following hotels (subject to change):

  • Fosshotel Reykjavík, Reykjavík (first and last night)
  • Fosshotel Reykholt, West Iceland
  • Fosshotel Húsavík, Northeast Iceland, 2 nights
  • Hotel Hallormsstaður, East Iceland
  • Fosshotel Glacier Lagoon 
  • Hotel Örk, Hveragerði, South Iceland

OPTIONAL VIP SEATING: Supplement for a guaranteed window seat on our fully escorted coach tours which includes a window seat and the next seat remaining empty (a passenger gets two seats). Seats will be reserved in the front rows of the bus, on first comes - first served basis.

NATURE FEES: There is a possibility that some of the natural attractions around Iceland might charge an entrance fee during the trip. These entrance fees are not included in the tour price and need to be paid by all tour members additionally on the spot when entering any of these natural sites. Locations, amount of entrance fee, form of payment and other details are not known at present and are subject to change.

BOOKINGS & FURTHER INFORMATION: Either via our international tour operator network - see here
or directly by email and we process your booking by personal email communication. We will send you a confirmation and invoice. GJ-Travel reserves the right to charge a non-refundable booking fee/payment deposit of up to 20% to secure space on tour. Final payment is due 4 weeks before the tour start. We accept international bank transfer, Visa or MasterCard. Once paid in full, we will send the vouchers and travel documents. Unfortunately, we do not offer an online booking engine for this tour.
CANCELLATIONS: A cancellation fee of 20% of the tour price and accommodation will be retained by us for cancellations made from 4 to 8 weeks before tour start. From 28 days until 7 days before tour start, the fee is 50%. No refund is possible for cancellations less than 7 days before tour start, or for no-shows, and a tour began, but not completed. The exchange of one arrangement for another must be agreed by us beforehand. 
Tour Code: GJ-90


Bestseller! – Iceland circle tour with soft activities, and visits to cultural and historical sites

Extremely well organized. Best tour ever been on. Relaxing and fun. Very well prepared and knowledgeable guide. He has enthusiasm about Iceland ant is contagious. Excellent! Hotels were ok, needed better wi-fi in a couple of them. Meals fine but more choices would be better. The buffet was great and the chicken dinner was excellent. Very safe driver. Knows his job well. (booked through Nordika Travel USA)

Dear Gulli, We just returned from our Country Life tour with GJ (September 10 departure) that was booked by Samantha Bavage at Borton Overseas Travel. I just wanted to tell you that my husband and I had a fantastic experience with your tour. It was one of our best trips ever! The itinerary was a wonderful plan with new adventures every day. We loved all of our country accommodations in beautiful rural settings. Our guide Erik was very knowledgeable and passionate about educating us about Iceland. The breakfasts and dinners were delicious. Thank you also for accommodating my dietary requirements. Each hotel was very helpful. All in all, we had a terrific trip, and we'll refer our friends to GJ travel in the future. Thank you! Don and Ricky S. (booked through Borton Overseas USA)
We give this tour and the guide 10 stars !!!! (booked through Discover the World Singapore)
Amazing tour, it could not have been better. Very profession and very helpful guide. Highly appreciate for his friendly, interesting introduction and information. I will highly recommend my friends to go on this tour and follow this guide. (booked through Road Trip Iceland)
Nice variety of stops. Very knowledgeable guide. Good speaker. Covered all points of interest. Well prepared. Hotels were comfortable. Wi-Fi in general good. Very careful and safe driver in all conditions. (booked through Nordika Travel USA)
A really good introduction to rural Iceland. The guide was outstanding. She adapted the itinerary to the weather. She was very knowledgeable on a wide range of subjects and made sure all tour members felt included. Generally extremely good accommodation - surprisingly so for rural areas. Excellent variety and quality of meals. The bus driver was excellent. He was careful and obliging, and contributed his knowledge of the country to the tour. (Canadian guest)
Excellent tour and program, incredibly well-organized, hit all the highlights. The guide Anna is excellent. Very knowledgeable and experienced. Nice selection of meals, good buffets, very accommodating for special requests. Hotel ok, outdated decor, would prefer bigger beds. Food was great and some had nice hot tubs. Driver is excellent and safe. (booked through
Hello Daina, not long back from Iceland where we had a super holiday. The Country Life tour was first class and our guide very informative. We enjoyed all the hotels and the standard of food was high. Thank you once again for making the arrangements. We won't hesitate to use Baltic Travel again.
Wonderful tour, excellent guide and driver, nice hotels and it was wonderful to have Icelandic cuisine. (booked through Taber Holidays, UK)
Very good tour. Excellent for first-time visitors to Iceland. Well-informed guide presented the facts well; good explanations of the physical geography; approachable and patient. Very good hotels; staff in hotels extremely helpful and welcoming. Enjoyed the mixture of buffet and set meals for dinners in evenings. Breakfast great; impressed by what was available at roadside stops for lunch. The driver hero of this bus trip. Apart from his good driving, he kept coach very tidy from day to day. (booked by Taber Holidays, UK)
A very well organised tour. Excellent guide. Buffets meals were nice, otherwise too much meat and fat for my taste. Very good driver (booked through Guðmundur Jónasson Travel)
Easily one of the very best tours in my entire life. I particularly liked the choice of places to visit. Peter, our guide, was extremely knowledgeable and well informed. He had a good sense of humour. He was one of the best guides I ever travelled with. Hotels were generally very good, though one place was a bit small and the pillows rather thin. Best meals I ever had on an all-inclusive tour. The driver was a strong silent type; I felt safe with him at the wheel. (booked through Great Canadian Travel Company)
Not only did you cover everything as stated, you flexed with the weather to improve the experience where possible. Very well done. I appreciated the humour and anecdotes of the guide. He was always ready to answer questions. The hotels were generally better than expected and to what I am accustomed. All breakfasts were great. Dinners were always at least adequate. The best dinners, in my opinion, were nights 3, which was the second night in Húsavík and night 5. (booked through All Iceland UK)
This was a terrific tour. Very happy that the tour included the horse farm and the Skógar Museum. The guide was well prepared with information about Iceland. All hotels very good, except one hotel had a too soft mattress and one hotel had very hard pillows. Delicious food! Excellent driver.
Excellent tour, perfect guide, very good hotels, very good meals. Driver was very good and bus was comfortable (booked through Guðmundur Jónasson Travel)
Very interesting and wonderful tour. Simply perfect. Very experienced and interesting guide, well familiar with all sights and the whole country, nature, history, people, etc. Very polite and careful. The highest level of accommodation, all was OK. Perfect, varied and very delicious meals. Excellent driver, very experienced. Bus comfortable and good (booked through Guðmundur Jónasson Travel)
Great scenery. Very good guide and very informative. Comfortable hotels and very good meals. Excellent driver - especially on the difficult roads (booked through Brekke Tours USA)
Well organised an itinerary, duration of stay at various viewpoints, etc. Friendly, knowledgeable, helpful and sincere guide. Hotels good but it would be better to have an elevator in all the hotels. Dinners are delicious. Excellent and safe driver with good driving skills; polite (booked through Baltic Travel Company UK)
So many amazing sites and the guide had so much information to share. Wonderful guide. Loved the personal stories about areas. Most hotels were amazing such as in West Iceland and Hallormsstaður. Other hotels were OK. All meals were wonderful. Great driver. Felt safe on the narrow and sheep filled roads. (booked through GJ-Travel)
Loved the tour. I am so glad we got to see so much of the island. Well organised to maximise beautiful stops. Friendly, helpful and knowledgeable guide. Hotels are not luxurious, but we knew that in advance. The stunning locations made up for it. Delicious mixture of set dining and buffets, and I loved having the time to stop for a long langoustine lunch in Höfn (booked through Guðmundur Jónasson Travel)
Hello; this was a great tour, loved seeing everything on the ring road. Our guide Rósa María was the best! Very nice hotels; our favourite was Hallormsstaður. We had great meals. Bjartmar was the best driver - you could tell that our safety was his priority. Renato at GJ-Travel was great to deal with in organising our trip. Thanks and regards from Hawaii
Great overview of entire island - lots of knowledge of legends. Our guide was a wonderful story teller lullaby singer. Hotels were unique and wonderful. Fantastic meals - thank you for alternate meals each night. The driver added lots of history and stories - and he is a very safe driver (booked through GJ-Travel Iceland)
Great places to visit. Sometimes not enough time for lunch. Rosa was a really good guide. Generally good rooms in the hotels. Good meals. Fun to have different food during the trip. Great driver, always felt safe, even down some steep slopes. (booked through All Iceland UK)
Generally very good tour. Well organised - no problems. Excellent guide - well able in English and very helpful. Great knowledge of history and general information. Hotels mostly quite acceptable and generally quite good meals. Very good driver - careful and very helpful. (booked through GJ-Travel Iceland)
Exceptional tour - very good. Brilliant guide, went out of her way to show us things. Wonderful hotels and very good meals. Excellent driver (booked through GJ-Travel)
Very good tour. Everything that we wanted to see we saw. The best guide we ever had. Nice hotels - excellent dinners. (booked through Price Breaker Singapore)
Beautiful country. Lots to see. I enjoyed getting away from the tourist part of the country, such as Reykjavik. Good pace of the tour. It was well organised with a great guide; Anna Lára. She was awesome. Fun, energetic, passionate, great customer service, lots of little extras. And knowledgeable too! The accommodation was good value considering the price of the trip. Dinners and breakfast were great especially the buffet dinners. Some of the lunches weren't great, especially lunch at the gas station was a low point.In fairness though, there are very limited options. Plenty of space in the bus and the driver was excellent (booked through Nordic Saga USA)
Could be 10 days with more little stops throughout the day. Fabulous guide; the best possible. Nice hotels and we would have loved more "happy hours". Good meals. Excellent driver. (booked through Nordic Saga USA)
Nice tours - comprehensive. Well organised. Just the right amount of driving. Excellent guide. Nice hotels, excellent fish dinners and tasty desserts. Anna Lára was the best guide we ever had. Humorous, extremely well informed, accommodating of our every request. She made the trip really memorable. (booked through
Wide variety of activities. Anna Lára was an excellent guide. I loved her enthusiasm and energy. Very good hotels and meals. Very clean bus and skilled driver. (booked through Baltic Travel UK)
This was the best tour ever. Well organized, careful, interesting. I cannot say enough good things. Brilliant, outstanding, knowledgeable, informed, funny guide, a model for others to follow. Always patient, accommodating. Very good organizer. Would love to take another tour with Anna Lára. Good sense of humor. Clean hotels. The Wifi could have been stronger in Husavik and in the rooms at Hallormsstadur, but otherwise fine. Breakfast consistently good. Dinners lovely. A superb driver - could not have been better. Extremely competent, patient, very careful. Kept the bus clean and tidy. (booked through Taber Holidays UK)
This tour covered everything I wanted to see. Very funny and knowledgeable guide. Tea and coffee making facilities in all hotel rooms would be better. Buffet dinners were better options. Very safe driver and helpful. (booked through All Iceland, UK)
Excellent. Everything we saw has shown Iceland at its best and all the country has to offer. Well done. Anna Lara is a natural guide with fantastic knowledge of the country, geology, history, geography and nature. She is excellent with people and makes sure that everybody is enjoying their trip. Nothing is too much trouble. A credit to the company. She has a wonderful sense of humor. Hotels are good the whole. Husavik bedroom too small for 3 adult people and some hotels need updating. Buffet meals were excellent and meant that one could try all sorts of meats and other dishes. Set menu too much on the main course plate. Breakfasts were good. John was an excellent and careful driver and took great care with helping us on and off the bus. Good sense of humour. Spotless and very clean bus. Bus was always placed in the most convenient place. (booked through all Iceland, UK)
We enjoyed seeing the highlights of the entire country which is no varied and beautiful. The guide is very knowledgeable about so many areas. She seems to enjoy her job very much which makes it enjoyable for the tourists. Staff at Fosshotel very cheerful and helpful. Hotel at Hallormsstadur and Hotel Örk very nice. Meals were very good. The driver was fantastic. Great driver who take pride in his vehicle and the safety of his passengers. He was most helpful in many ways. (booked through Borton Overseas USA)
Very interesting visits. Great places, scenery, museums, churches. What a wonderful country. Love the history. A well balanced program. Some active - walking. Some exciting boat trips. Some looking in amazement: waterfalls, glaciers, volcanoes. Very well informed guide. Wonderful stories. She brought the sense of the history of Iceland and how it was for the settlers to live. Very amusing, flexible, friendly, fun! All hotels clean and comfortable beds. Hotel Skaftafell was the nicest room and very good shower. Hot pots were wonderful. Some meals very good. Excellent buffet meals at hotels. Very good driver in my opinion. I felt safe always. Friendly and very helpful. (booked through Iceland Pro Travel UK)
Busy schedule. Lots to see and entertain. Plenty of stops. The guide was knowledgeable and most accommodating. All meals were best quality, beautifully prepared and varied. I liked having set menus some nights and buffets on others. Very careful driver and very clean coach. (booked through Baltic Travel UK)
Anna Lara and Jon did a terrific job on our trip. Country life. The hotels were mostly good some of the hotels needed new sheets. The food was excellent every night. Anna had the whole bus laughing with her stories and her knowledge. She told us in a way that we wanted to hear all the history and knowledge. jJn was a very safe driver, very polite and courteous. Thanks for a terrific tour.
Dear Berniece, We just wanted to let you know that we had a wonderful tour from 8/30 to 9/07, the "Country Life Tour". We couldn't have asked for anything better. Anna our tour Guide and Jon our driver were excellent. Anna is one of the best guides of all our many trips. Very knowledgeable, informative and you can tell she loves her country and job. All the arrangements were just super, from the hotels and meals to the bus and traveling. Dinners were exceptional. Just wanted to let you know. I would forward this to Gudmundur Jonasson Travel but I don't have their Email address. Bruce & Marilyn Marshall (booked through Scantours USA)
Great tour - but I would prefer a bit more walking, hiking and activities. Excellent organization. The guide made all the difference! Thank you to Anna Lára for her knowledge, enthusiasm and amazing stories. She is the best. Lovely hotels, clean and simple. Delicious food - above expectations. Safe driving. (booked directly through GJ-Travel)
Perfect trip. The guide was very knowledgeable and entertaining. All staff at the hotels were courteous and helpful. Brilliant dinner buffet one night. Excellent Arctic charr. Meat soup good everywhere. Driver was always helpful and cheerful. Booking service was excellent throughout from deposit to departure. (booked through Island Tourist Office)
This tour was excellent. Anna Laura was a very informative and entertaining guide. The accommodations were near-perfect, excluding some issues with wifi. The food was amazing. John, our driver, made us feel very safe and, despite the language barrier, very friendly. (booked through GJ-Travel Iceland)
Absolutely fantastic tour. Anna Laura was the best guide - knowledgeable, funny, great story teller - loved her sense of humor. Wonderful hotels, fantastic dinners - don't change anything. Jon was a wonderful driver, helpful and always willing to talk and answer any questions. (booked through Scantours USA)
Overall extremely enjoyable tour. Anna Lara, our guide, was tremendous. I have done many tours before and she is the best tour guide I have had. Very friendly, so knowledgeable and so funny. Fosshotels were consistently high quality and the food was so good. Great meals. It was nice to have authentic Icelandic food. Our driver was fantastic. (booked through in Iceland)
This tour was very well planned and organized. Anna Lara was the most wonderful guide I have ever experienced. She is very knowledgeable, clever, interesting, funny and just all around amazing. Loved her! Hotel Hallormsstadur was just incredible. We had a very nice view from our room. I am vegan and I was pleasantly surprised with all the meals provided and how tasty they were. Jon was a super driver, patient, sweet, funny and very personable. (booked through ScanAm USA)
Well organized and beautiful tour. Anna Lara, our guide, was absolutely amazing! She made the entire trip so valuable and fun. I am happy we did this tour instead of renting a care because she was so informative, knowledgeable and just wonderful. Most hotels were very nice. Jon, our driver, was so great and always on time. He also shared his experiences and stories with us and was a lot of fun. I felt very safe. (booked through 5-Star of Scandinavia, USA)
What a beautiful tour. Also liked all the extra unscheduled stops. Will recommend to friends. The guide was very knowledgeable, accommodating, helpful and friendly. I loved all the history, sagas and stories she told us. Very good hotels and meals. The driver was nice and helpful. I am a senior citizen and had no problem. (booked through Fantasy Travel USA)
A good overview of Iceland and lot's of extras like little detours to see more. Perfectly organized and mostly enough time to explore places. A Very knowledgeable guide that gave good insight into the country and its history and places we visited. I liked the hotels and meals, but sometimes soups were too salty. The bus was always clean and the driver did a good job getting us safely to every place. (booked through
I loved the variety of places that we saw and the fact that we went around the whole island. Holmfridur was a wonderful guide. Very knowledgeable. Excellent stories. I loved the hotel locations and the size of the room were larger than expected. Fantastic meals. Bjartmar was a wonderful driver. I felt very safe and comfortable. (booked through 5-Star of Scandinavia)
Fabulous scenery. Good balance between museum, tourist stops and nature sightseeing. Excellent guide. Spoke better English than I do. Great driver, handled the coach extremely well. Always very helpful with the luggage. (booked through Nordic Saga USA)
The tour was great, many attractions and well planned. The guide was very informative, funny and made good contact with the group. The driver was kind, helpful and made drives really easy. (booked through GJ-Travel Iceland)
The tour lived up to my expectations. Very informative guide, lovely stories on the way. Good hotels. Great food but more buffet dinners would be even better. Good and comfortable bus (booked through Baltic Travel UK)
Well organized and scheduled tour. The guide was very knowledgeable, good speaker and story teller. Excellent hotels and good meals. Driver is very professional. In general I am so happy in almost all respect; I will recommend this tour to my friends. (booked through Borton Overseas USA)
Lovely varied program every day. Excellent - thanks. Anna Lara is an excellent guide. She looked after us wonderfully and provided info on every possible subject of interest. She has a lovely sense of humor. Bus was good and felt entirely safe. Driver and guide worked well together (booked through Iceland Pro travel UK)
Excellent tour and I loved wifi on the bus. Good guide - know a lot about geology and history. Excellent value and service for 3 star hotels. Fantastic meals. Friendly and good driver. (booked through Nordic Visitor)
Excellent tour. Good program and well organized. Guide knowledgeable. Kept to timetable, was friendly and helpful. Mostly good hotels. Breakfasts were good, buffet evening meals excellent other food good. Coach comfortable, felt safe with driver (booked through Baltic Travel UK)
Loved every day and every site. Fell in love with Iceland. Absolutely stunning country. The guide was fantastic. Her knowledge was amazing. She was warm, friendly, cheerful and funny - she made a great tour even greater. All hotels were unique - met all my needs. Loved the meals. Great to have breakfast buffet. Coach was totally comfortable. Driver was great. Always felt safe. (booked through Great Canadian Travel)
Tour Code: GJ-90