Hiking in South Iceland


Hiking in South Iceland.jpgThis amazing hiking program features a 5 day visit to Iceland with 3 full days of touring, exploring and hiking in the most spectacular landscapes of Southwest Iceland. Discover green valleys, moon landscapes, lava fields, hot springs and bird cliffs. Bathe in a natural geothermal river, enjoy a ferry to the Westman Islands and hike to the top of the volcano crater on the island of Heimaey. Discover the off-the-beaten-path secrets of the Reykjanes Peninsula and relax in the rejuvenating waters of the Blue Lagoon. 3 nights are spent in Hveragerði, South Iceland and one night in Iceland's capital Reykjavik.

DAY 1, ARRIVAL IN ICELAND (94 km/58 miles)
Private transfer by coach & guide to South Iceland where you stay for 3 nights in the greenhouse town of Hveragerði.

(Driving 10 km/6 mls)
We hike up into the beautiful valley of Reykjadalur. Hot water rushes down the slopes of Hellisheiði mountain range and creates the ideal place to bathe in a natural hot river. The valley has an amazing abundance of geothermal springs and we witness everything from small gurgling melting pots to vibrant super heated pools of water. After strolling along these wonder of nature and bathing in a natural hot river, you hike back down into the town of Hveragerði. This is a great 7 km (4,5 miles) trek where you can get in touch with the pure Icelandic nature on your own two feet! 

Westman Islands, Iceland.jpgDAY 3: WESTMAN ISLANDS 
(Driving 200 km/124 mls)
Today you spend a full day on the Westman Islands which are truly a wonder of nature. The youngest island of the Vestmannaeyjar celebrated its 40th anniversary in 2003 and the oldest one is close to 40.000 years old! While the volcano Helgafell has watched over the island for over 5000 years, also in the neighbourhood is the youngster volcano Eldfell which erupted in 1973. On our tour around the island you will visit the puffins at Stórhöfði and walk up to the crater of Eldfell volcano. When we visit the old fort Skansinn we may run into a stranded pirate. On Heimaey we see an elephant that may be the largest one in the world and it doesn't seem that he leaves soon. 

Blue Lagoon Tour Iceland (10).jpgDAY 4: HIKE ON THE MOON & RELAX IN THE BLUE LAGOON (Driving 180 km/112 mls)
Today we enjoy hiking in diverse landscape. We walk along bird cliffs and explore an area where fumaroles, solfataras and hot springs can be inspected. Bright yellow, rusty red, bluish gray, lush green; all colors of the rainbow can be found in the middle of a primarily gray landscape. We continue along the scenic shores of Kleifarvatn Lake on the Reykjanes peninsula. In the afternoon we explore a spectacular canyon off-the-beaten-path. Then we climb the cone-shaped volcano Keilir and from the top we enjoy an amazing view over this unique lunar landscape. Along the different hikes today we are exposed to most of the varied volcanic landscape there is in Iceland. It feels like a different planet with tufted meadows, mossy lava fields, barren sands, craters, hot springs and hillrocks. Hiking today is around 4-5 hours including stops and after all this walking you are rewarded with a relaxing soak in the rejuvenating waters of the famous Blue Lagoon, before we return to Reykjavík. Stay one night in Iceland's capital.

DAY 5: RETURN HOME (49 km/30 miles)
Private transfer without guide to Keflavik airport.


  • This is a walking tour. Reasonable fitness is required, being able to walk/hike up to 5 hours in one day.
  • Average walking/hiking time is about 3 hours per day.

DEPARTURES: This program is ideal from May-September

DURATION: 5 days / 4 nights

GROUP SIZE: Ideal for groups 10-24 persons. For larger groups we recommend using 2 guides.

PRICE PER PERSON: contact our group department for an offer - email groups@gjtravel.is