Fabulous trip to Iceland


Dear Petur, I just wanted to thank you and fisherman Petur for a fabulous trip - I think this particular trip was my absolute favourite of the 5 school trips I've done. You and Petur were my favourite guides and I really enjoyed talking to you both and learning more about my favourite county on the planet. Thank you for taking care of us all - especially when the weather was scary and for taking us to see places I hadn't been before. I really hope you and Petur can be our guides next year when we come again - I am going to ask for you both (I hope you're happy about this!). Loads of parents have been emailing me this morning to say their children cant stop talking about the amazing things they saw on the trip and that they all want to come again - so a success all round! And I bought a great retro 66 North T-shirt in Reykjavik yesterday so I'm delighted with that as well! Enjoy your next school party! Thanks again for everything - really hope to see you soon. Sarah (UK)